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No added sugars     Natural ingredients      Vegan friendly      Freshly handcrafted

27 grams/ball


Want to feel good and stay healthy at the same time check out our Lemon Tart balls, giving you lemons, that is a great source of vitamin C,  supports weight loss, and prevents kidney stones.


Combining all the goodness of Cashew nuts, Medjool dates, Turmeric, and organic Chia seeds into one small bite-size chunk of heaven.


With this small ball of energy get all your proteins and stay in shape.


Get it now at Simply Yummy Choices.


Please note that our energy balls may contain large pieces of nuts or seeds.

LEMON TART (Box of 9)

  • Cashew nuts, medjool dates, turmeric, lemon juice, lemon zest, organic chia seeds, coconut flakes

    No added sugar - only natural sweetness

    Please note that it may contain large pieces of nuts or seeds.