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No added sugars     Natural ingredients      Vegan friendly      Freshly handcrafted

Choose your own selection of 3 Nutrional Bites and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.


Our Nutritioal Bites are made from quality and natural ingridients helping you to benefit from all the nutrients your body needs.


You can have them any time of the day and they are snack for a pre or post work out to help you stay focused and naturaly energised.

MIXED BOX of 9 (3 flavours)

  • Hazelnutty

    Hazelnuts, medjool dates, organic cocoa powder, peanut butter, organic pea protein

    Cranberry Pie

    Almond nuts, medjool dates, dried cranberries, organic chia seeds, sea salt

    Pistachio maca

    Pistachio nuts, medjool dates, organic cocoa, organic maca, flaxseeds, sea salt

    Lemon Tart

    Cashew nuts, medjool dates, turmeric, lemon juice, lemon zest, organic chia seeds, coconut flakes

    Chocolate Bliss

    Almonds, medjool dates, organic cocoa, coconut flakes, organic chia seeds, vanila extract, sea salt

    Power Pumkpin

    Almond butter, pumpkin seeds, medjool dates, organic spirulina, flax seeds, organic pea protein

    Spicy Walnut

    Walnuts, medjool dates, dried raisins, flaxseeds, cinnamon powder, ginger powder

    Orange choco

    Almonds, medjool dates, orange juice, orange zest


    Almonds, medjool dates, organic apricots, coconut, organic chia seeds, beetroot powder, pea protein