Terms & Conditions

Our items are safely packed, with love and care, and sent directly to your doorstep. At Simply Yummy Choices, we are dedicated to our customers and we encourage the promotion of your well-being. Your body needs natural ingredients which will help you stay energised throughout the day, and we make sure that we provide the best quality of ingredients so you can benefit from every single bite. Please note that it is your responsibility to check your energy balls once they are delivered in order to ensure that you have received the correct products.

Returns and Replacements

The energy balls we sell are perishable in nature. Hence, we do not take refunds or returns, due to the lifespan of our products. Please check your energy balls responsibly once they have been delivered and notify us if there is an issue with the following:

  1. If there are any damages of the products packing, please call or email us immediately on the delivery day. If you wait any longer, we will assume that you have accepted the products and will not make any replacements.

  2. If you see that the products are different than what you ordered, for example: a different flavour or quantity, email us with a picture on the delivery day so we offer you the best alternative. If you wait any longer, we will not cater to your request.

Health Concerns

We advocate for healthy living and the well-being and it is what we aim to provide you with our products. If you have any health issues or concerns, please check with your doctor before you place an order with us. We will not be responsible for any mishaps that may occur due to:

  • Specific dietary requirements

  • A lack of private consultation with your doctors

  • Not checking the allergen information

  • Not following the recommended storage requirements

Nutrition and Dietary Facts

Our website provides may provide further details on the kind of nutrition facts our energy balls provide, however, please note that the our products will not help any medical ailments and we cannot provide tailored advice based on your health requirements. Please consult a professional before you place an order.

Furthermore, Simply Yummy Choices does not make any health claims about our products.


We take great care of our customers, hence why all our Energy balls are freshly handcrafted with love and passion so you can enjoy every single bite.

To maintain the freshness of our products, all orders are processed and delivered Monday to Thursday.

Late deliveries: If your package is not delivered on time, you must email or call us the day it was said to be delivered. Please follow up with us a day after to confirm if your order is still not with you and we will resolve the matter.

Instructions: It is your responsibility to make the right arrangements to receive your delivery. This means double checking the address you put in your order, ensuring that someone is there at the needed time to accept the package and provide further instructions to the couriers if necessary. We also need your phone and alternate contact details in case we need to reach you.

Changes: If there is any change that you want to make in your delivery address, or you want to change it completely, you have to notify us 24 hours before. We will be willing to accommodate any changes as long as they are communicated to us before the deadline. If you fail to notify us of the change in the address, we will contact you on the delivery day and make separate arrangements. Please note that you will be liable for extra charges for the matter to be resolved.

Unprecedented events: In case your delivery is interrupted by events beyond our control, we will offer compensation based on the kind of incident taking place. The following will be considered:

  1. If you delivery is stolen after being dropped off by our courier service

  2. If we are unable to deliver, or deliver late, for reasons such as natural disasters, bad weather, vehicular malfunction, traffic issues or failure at the hands of our suppliers

If this applies to you, we will compensate you accordingly based on our discretion.

Cancellations: If you want to cancel your order, you must inform us through phone or email 48 hours before the delivery date. After the deadline is passed, your order will be processed even if you attempt to cancel it.


When you place an order with Simply Yummy Choices, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.